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For All Your Engineering Needs

Vincent A. Ettari, P.E., P.C. provides the individual attention and professional expertise your project requires. As professional engineers, serving the New York counties of Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Suffolk, Nassau (Long Island), and the boroughs of Bronx (NY), Queens, Kings County / Brooklyn, Richmond County / Staten Island and New York City / N.Y. County / Manhattan Borough, this firm specializes in many fields of Civil, Structural, Site, Coastal, Safety, and Environmental Engineering, including the following:

Design of structures, small buildings, houses, residences, and dwellings
Design of foundations and slab footings (including underpins & underpinning)
Design of decks, balconies, porches and certification of deck, balcony, and porch construction
Analysis and Specifications for the design and installation of rails, railings, guard rails, hand rails, and rail installation on decks, balconies, porches, stoops, and patios
Design of piles, piling, sheetpiling, sheetpiles and pile driving issues
Design of steel & wood assemblies and plain & reinforced concrete slabs
Design of mortar, brick, cement and block elements

Design of joists, studs, beams, girders, trusses, columns, and rafters

Joist, stud, beam, girder, truss, column, or rafter analysis
Specification of insulation, windows, doors, facades, door saddle/ saddles or molding/ moldings and facade improvements

Design of underground and subsurface sidewalk chamber / chambers

Specifications and plans for elevators and  elevator design and rehabilitation
Installation of communication tower foundations - rock pins & pinning
Design of small and medium subdivisions
Subdivision of existing property or properties
Design of industrial, commercial, and residential site plans, plat, and plats
Design of roads, roadways, streets, walks, sidewalks, walkways, paths, pathways, and ramps
Road, roadway, street, walk, sidewalk, walkway, path, pathway, and ramp designs

Design of tread / treads, riser / risers, stringer / stringers, stair/ stairs, step / steps, stairway / stairways, staircase / staircases, handrail / handrails, guardrail / guardrails, guard rails, and hand rail installation

Designs for lamps, lights, lighting, light poles, site luminaries, level site illumination, and the setting of light levels for sites
Measurement of light level / levels and the illumination of Means of Egress
Analysis and Specifications for the design and installation of kitchen, china, shampoo, and vanity cabinets and cabinetry, and analysis of cabinet installation
Supervision, inspection, and certifications for/of construction sites
Certification of the erection of scaffold, scaffolds and scaffolding
Design of erosion control devices and sediment barriers (haybales, hay
bales, silt fence / fences, sedimentation basins, gravel / graveled
controlled construction entrances, swale / swales & berm / berms) for
Geotechnical engineering (grading, excavation, Industrial Code Rule 753 / 53, filling, setting of slopes and grades, and topography)
Ground subsidence
Groundwater and surface water issues
Design of retaining walls and small dams

Design of rock cuts and rock blasting projects/ rock mechanics

Design of rock pins (pinning) and bolts (bolting), tieback/ tie--back bolt mechanisms, and roof tunnel tiebacks/ tie-backs
Design and analysis of soil slopes and grades / soils samples / soil mechanics
Design of small and intermediate sanitary facilities
Design of septic systems (Board of Health Septic System Approval)
Conducting of Percolation Tests (perc test) and Deep Hole Testing
Design of wells and well systems (BOHA and DEP approvals)
Design of plan, drawing, or drawings for storm water pollution treatment
Design of Dry Wells and Trough Drains
Specifications for RCP, CMP, and PVC pipe, pipes, and piping
Design of water, drainage, sewer, and drain lines
Design of sewage mains and drains (or, a single line or main)
Design of retention and detention ponds / pond
Design of storm sewers and watermains
Designs and specification for culverts, manholes (man holes), catch
basins (catchbasin / catchbasins), and manhole (man hole) covers
Streams and stream crossings (culvert design, small bridges, bridge design)
Design of system pumps and pump systems (sewage ejector systems)
Design of small ports and marinas (including excavation, dredge, dredging and filling projects or the design of an individual marina)
Design and analysis of dams, fills, levees, jetties, dolphins, sea walls, flood walls, piers, floats, floating docks, wharves, breakwaters, bulkheads, weirs, revetments, groins, dikes and other waterfront structures
Drainage basin analysis (Hydrology, Hydrograph and Hydrographs)
Flood plain analysis and the design and analysis of flood controls and flood control devices
Analysis of floods, flooding events, rainfall and storm water runoff (including the effect of icy, slippery, or snowy conditions on run off) and flood damage (Rational Equation, SCS / Tr-55 Method)
Analysis of rainfall and storm events (10 Year, 25 Year, 50 Year and 100 Year Design Storms), rainfall, storm water runoff, and rain fall / stormwater flood damage
Analysis of flood plains (or, an individual flood plain)
Design and analysis of flood controls and flood control devices
Analyses of wind, water, snow, ice, waves, and wave pressures and loads
Analysis of dead weight, moving weights, live load & static pressure
Engineering application (including the making of a presentation / presentations to a municipal board or boards) concerning state, county, city, town and village code / codes with regard to a zoning, planning, environmental, wetland, wetlands, erosion, steep slope and grade, and fire protection ordinance or ordinances
House inspector / inspectors / inspections (including radon and septic dye tests)
Failure of fire containment structure/structures and fire walls in a building
Soil slope, rock cut, fill, dam, levee, jetty, dolphin, pier, float, dock, wharf, breakwater, bulkhead, weir, revetment, groin, dike, retaining wall, culvert, chamber, footing, foundation, water front structure, residence, pump system, culvert, drainage line, water main, manhole cover, man holes, house and building failures
Analysis of instable and unstable slopes
Designs to correct water ponding problem / problems on sites and premises
Investigation of damage caused by sewer line backup, storm line back ups or over flow, and drainage system back up or backups
Investigation of damages caused by watermain breaks, leaks, or over flows in watermains
Investigation of damages caused by waste system overflow or overflows
Investigation of damages caused by a break or leak in a plumbing system
Inspection of the collapse of floors / floor, ceilings / ceiling, or roofs / roof
Means of Egress and personal injury issues
Road, roadway, walk, sidewalk, walkway, path, pathway, ramp, personal injury , and premise liability issues
Application of the NYS edition of the International Property Maintenance Code to existing premises (see page 2 for a select list of municipalities to whom services were rendered).
Code applicability history for an existing structure, building, or residence (one, two, or multiple family and multifamily dwelling)
Fire codes applicability history for existing buildings or facilities
Evaluation and analysis of the spread of fires in a building facility
Testing for Coefficient of Friction and evaluation of vertical discontinuity and discontinuities (Slip and Fall and Trip and Falls )
Premise and premises liability issues
Property damage / damages and personal injury / injuries
Investigation of work place accident/accidents (OSHA & Industrial Code Compliance)
Forensic and forensics  investigation or investigations
Evaluations concerning structural collapse or collapses
Forensic investigations concerning collapsed structures and buildings
Trial testimony as an expert engineer / engineering witness